Public Space & Regeneration Project: Workington

Together with Allerdale Council, Groundwork NE & Cumbria we have come up with a design proposal for the improvements of the Workington Central Way Underpass linking the Leisure Centre on Griffin Street to the town.

The concept for the proposed design is to have illustrated images related to Workington on the road side of the underpass. Opposite, on the pedestrians side, are letters incorporating a pattern created from icons relating to the images. So, for example, an image of ships to represent ship building on one side; then a letter and pattern made from ship building tools on the other. 

A quote from us: “We love designing murals and using design to improve public spaces. It has been really exciting to learn more about Workington’s story. We want to make the underpass a bright modern space which celebrates the town’s rich history, community and culture from the past and present.”